We have oodles of experience when it comes to ironing.  We use specialist equipment to get the best result and our wonderful ironer's are well trained.  Some of them have been with me almost since we began so I know their work and so I'm confident that they will do an excellent job.  






Yes we can do your washing as well which is especially useful if your washing machine breaks down or you just don't have the time.  Again we outsource this but the costs are very reasonable in comparison to our competitors and once washed we can iron it all for you as well, if you wish.  Oh and we can have your duvets washed as well.





Dry Cleaning

In order to expand the offering to our clients, we can also collect your dry cleaning and return it a few days later pristine and ready to wear.  We outsource this but we've been using the same dry cleaner for several years and can vouch for their professionalism.


Shoe Repairs

We like to think this is our way of encouraging you to recycle and renew rather than just throwing away.  We have a relationship with a traditional cobbler who can resurrect almost any shoe or boot.  




We have a lovely lady who can more than just iron, she is  pretty impressive on her sewing machine as well.  So as long as its not too complicated, we can offer an alteration/repair service too.